Jacobs Tax and Consulting


For Professionals – Your New Back Office


I need a reviewer for a big tax project.

I don’t have the time or resources to research my client’s tax question.

What will be the tax consequences of my client’s proposed transaction?


Sometimes I just need to bounce my thoughts off another professional.


An IRS Audit takes too much time & energy away from my other client work.

I’m not always sure how to handle a Collection problem to my client’s advantage.

When should I call the Taxpayer Advocate?

How do I know if the IRS is violating my client’s appeal rights?

These state notices are a nuisance!

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For Individuals - Navigating Life’s Choices


I’m tired of preparing my own tax return. It’s time to let somebody else do it.

The tax laws keep getting more complex. Is my preparer keeping up?

I’m in/my kids are in/my parents are in a transition in life. I need to consult with somebody about handling what’s coming.

My small business has grown. I need some help with the taxes.

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IRS Headaches? Looking for Relief?

headache medicine

Uh, oh. They just told me I’m being audited.

Somebody came out to my house & left a card on the door. Help!

Why did I get a notice that shows I owe money?

My business had trouble paying its payroll taxes. Can they really bill me for it personally?

I don’t like the answers I get when I try to call the IRS. I need somebody who knows how to work within the system.

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